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  • MRU Scholarship

    MRU Scholarship

    The Manawatu Rugby Union has a number of scholarships that players performing at high levels either at school or beyond may apply. The scholarship will be awarded to players that meet a defined criteria. In short, players that are seen as having the potential to make the Turbos team in the next two to three years, and also meet academic levels that will see them gain entry to either a University or UCOL course, or have the aptitude and attitude to undergo an apprenticeship course in a recognized trade.

    Mr Pat Higgins and Mr and Mrs Gerard Gillespie generously offer grants to budding young rugby players who have the potential to play for the Turbos in the future. The scope of such grant extend beyond those on offer above and also include apprenticeships and similar courses of study toward a qualification. Such grants may be awarded at any time during the year, but there is a limited pool of funding, and most applications are considered early in the working year when courses are getting under way.

    Massey University offers scholarship assistance to students that the Manawatu Rugby Union considers as have potential to play for the Turbos and is most likely to stay in the Manawatu beyond the course of study. The applicants must be accepted by the University to undergo a course of study, having the required NCEA credits.

    UCOL also offers scholarship assistance to students undergoing a suitable course of study. Such students must also have the appropriate number of credits to be accepted for a given course of study. The Manawatu Rugby Union will determine the potential of the player as set out above. These scholarship applications are generally considered toward the end of the year and are designed to assist the student in the following academic year.

    Documents to complete:

    1) Scholarship conditions of application 2020

    2) Coach's Report

    3) Scholarship Application Form 2020


    Grants are not restricted to one year.
    For information on these scholarships, contact:


    Mobile: 021 475 480


  • MRU Academy

    MRU Academy

    Manawatu Rugby has been chosen to establish one of the 14 Academies under the auspices of the NZRU. The aim of this Academy is to provide knowledge, support and guidance to promising young rugby players so that they can be the best they can be in both the rugby environment and life outside rugby.

    Selected participants will be given the opportunity to fully develop their potential in terms of physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. They will also be given the opportunity to gain the practical skills needed to set goals and maintain balance in their everyday lives.

    The Academy is a three-year programme running from February to November each year. There is no fee to attend the Academy Programme and Academy members are eligible to apply for scholarships assistance to attend Massey University, UCOL or a practical vocational qualification.

    To be selected for the Academy, players must have the potential to play for Manawatu NPC, Hurricanes, National age-grade sides or All Blacks. They must be motivated and committed to succeed in academic/career aspirations. My role as Academy Manager is to facilitate the implementation of the prescribed programme and act as a 'sounding-board' for the players. You are able to make contact with me via:

    Eneliko Fa'atau - Player Development Manager/ Academy Manager 


    Mobile: 021 475 480