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This Week's Draw

MRU Club Rugby Competition: 21st July 2018
Senior 1 - Semi Final - Hankins Shield      
Home v Away Venue Time Official
(1) Feilding v (4) Varsity Johnston Park 1 2.45pm M McEwen ( B Andrew / J Mackey )
(2) FOB Oroua v (3) Kia Toa Kimbolton 2.45pm S Couper ( J Booth / C George )
Senior 1 - Semi Final - Val Holland Memorial Trophy    
Home v Away Venue    
(5) COB v (8) Linton Army Arena Field 1 2.45pm C Baker ( W Fish  / R Moana )
(6) OBM v (7) Te Kawau Arena Field 2 2.45pm T Griffiths ( M Ropitini / B Ferguson )
Senior 2 - Houlihan Cup Semi Final
Home v Away Venue    
(1) COB v (4) Dannevirke Arena Field 3 1pm M Booth ( A Hood / S Kauri )
(2) OBM  v (3) FOBO Arena Field 4 1pm S Ward ( M Perry / J McMillan )
Senior 2 - Senior 2 Cup Semi Final
Home v Away Venue    
(5) Feilding v (8) Kia Toa Johnston Park 2 1pm Q Hathaway ( J Mackey / D Liengme )
(6) Rams v (7) Bush Massey 8 1pm G Massicks ( C Harris / I Wildbore )
Senior 3 Life Members' Cup Semi Final      
Home v Away Venue    
(1) Kia Toa v (4) Ashhurst Bill Brown 1 2.45pm B Goodwin
(2) Feilding v (3) Linton Army Johnston Park 2 2.45pm J Ingram
Colts - Gordon Brown Memorial Cup Semi Final    
Home v Away Venue    
(1) Wanganui Metro v (4) Massey White Spriggens Park 1 1pm TBC
(2) Feilding  v (3) COB Johnston 1 1pm A Mitchell
President's - Friendlies        
Home v Away Venue    
Bulls v Freyberg Colquhoun 1 2.45pm D Powell
OBM  v Kia Toa Colquhoun 2 2.45pm M Braybrook
Bunnythorpe v BYE . . .
Home v Away Venue    
Cyclones trial Cyclones trial Kimbolton 1pm C Round

DRAWS IN PLAYOFF MATCHES: Should a play-off game, semi-final or final game finish in normal time with the scores tied, a further ten minutes each way will take place with teams changing ends at the start of extra time, and after the first ten minutes. If the score is still tied at the end of extra time, the teams shall change ends and play until a team scores first (golden point) and that team shall be declared the winner of the match.